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Original spare parts

Furduy Ruslan
Direktor, IM “AGROELIT ” SRL

Our company is located in the north of the Republic of Moldova (Dondyushanskiy district, village Tyrnovo). We have 1,700 hectares of arable land. The main crops grown there are corn, barley, wheat, sunflower and sugarbeet. To work24 hours a dayefficiently our holding is equipped with agricultural machines of the most advanced high-technology. These include various units for tillage, sowing, plant protection, fertilization and harvesting . We are very satisfied with the technics of the company QUIVOGNE:

Single-seed drill QUIVOGNE Prosem K 16: we are elated about the high sowing speed (especially in large areas), the excellent seed placement (the depth and the defined norm) and the strong framework BRO! We usually sow on fields with minimum tillage. With Prosem K 16 the seeds lie in the seedbeds as neatly as in a picture! I am particularly pleased by the fact that virtually no seeds remain lying on the surface. Excellent operation of the fertilization process. Although the drill is so large, it is still very maneuverableinturning, which we did not expect from that machine. Two seasons and about 2,000 hectares – until now we had no problems with QUIVOGNE Prosem K 16. The “Control of seed placement ” option makes our work easier and more accurate. So QUIVOGNE Prosem K 16 is the right drill for real professionals of medium and large farm holdings.

Disc harrow TINEMASTER guarantees perfect tillage already in one pass. We are very satisfied with its strength, durability, strong frame and good regulating of tillage depth. We have very heavy soils in our region and quite harsh climatic conditions in recent years. TINEMASTER works excellent! In addition, our neighbouring farms ask us for an opportunity to use our TINEMASTER since other agricultural technologies often do not get on in such natural settings. We attempted to sow the wheat immediately after one pass with TINEMASTER. The result was impressive! (The photo is attached)

Subsoiler SS7 – the idea is simple and brilliant – is the major equipment for tillage. We work mainly at the depth of 35 – 45cm, almost all the fields for spring crops, about 60-70 % of the area . This machine has metal tines and frame construction and chisels of high quality . Minimum maintenance costs in combination with the acceptable price make this choice reasonable: it is a highly profitable investment! Last year in summer and autumn, there was no rainfall for three months. We had no time to wait. With the great risk that the machine could break, we started the work anyway. We were amazed: the subsoiler SS7 sustained! The only thing we had to replace were the chisels. The frame and the tines held out.

We want to express our thanks to the company QUIVOGNE for the high quality of agricultural technology and wish you every success in following inventions!

Sincerely, Director IM “AGROELIT ” SRL Furduy Ruslan