Coupling frame with 12,0 m working width


  • Coupling of seeders BPO is QUIVOGNE exclusive and patented development. The coupling is designed to combine several machines to create the maximal working width during the seeding process
  • For a fast and effective seeding process, the coupling is adapted to any types of seeders: mechannic and pneumatic crop seeders, precision seed drills


  • Working width 12,0 m
  • Hydraulically controllable system of coupling frames: 2 or 3 hydraulic linkages for attachment of mechanic or pneumatic seed drills
  • Two hydraulic cylinders for simultaneous folding of the side sections in order to avoid the overturning of the mounted machines
  • Completely hydraulic folding of the BPO-coupling from the tractor cabine
  • Side bars are made from a double beam to ensure
  • Big wheels spacing contributes to a good stability on the road, during the transportation
  • Wheels 560 х 60/22,5, in standard version
  • Transport width 3,0 m
  • Hydraulic track indicator


  • Double wheels for BPO instead of standard wheels
  • Electrovalve 5 functions for BPO 12,0 m
  • Hydraulically adjustable coupling system
  • Turbine 540 r.p.m or 1000 r.p.m.
  • Safety chain

Technical Data

Working width


Mechanical seed drills or pneumatic planters

Transport width


12,0 2 х 12-rows pneumatic planters. Row spacing 45 cm 4,8
2 х 8-rows pneumatic planters. Row spacing 70 cm
3 х 4,0 m mechanical seed drills
2 х 6,0 m mechanical seed drills






BPO 12 m, 2 coupling systems without turbine 5.340 10,8 - 14,4
BPO 12 m, 3 coupling systems with the turbine 6.250 10,8 - 14,4