12,0 m working width


  • The tines effectively destroy slugs and their eggs
  • The Beaver efficiently distributes any laying /heaped damp straw which then quickly dries to become brittle
  • It accelerates the decomposition of straw as the rake crushes and breaks it causing the straw to quickly rot aerobically
  • Can be used in the autumn to stimulate failing crops - scrapes the top crust to accelerate sprouting
  • Can be used in the spring to prepare for drilling
  • Controls weeds by stimulating and accelerating their germination
  • Can be used to thin out existing densely drilled crops
  • It can also be used for the fast and immediate incorporation of slurry and fertilizer into the soil

Specifications of BEAVER

  • Working width 12,0 m
  • Transport width 2,5 m
  • Weight 4.700 kg
  • Single beam frame 250x250x8 mm
  • Sections frame 200x200x8 mm
  • Required power 150 to 200 Hp
  • Recommended working speed 20 km/h
  • 5 rows of tines
  • Mechanical or hydraulic adjustment of combs' angle
  • 100 tines of Ø16mm length 750 mm
  • Space between tines 30 mm; Space between beam 46 cm; high frame 80 cm
  • Wheels 445/45x19.5
  • Feelers wheels with mechanical adjustment 11.5/80x15 14 ply

Video of BEAVER

Model Working
width (cm)
power (hp)
BEAVER 1200 1.200 100 150 - 200 15-25 4.700