Over 65 Years of Excellent Service and Quality

The QUIVOGNE Group manufactures innovative agricultural machinery of high quality.

Our product range encompasses universal and specialised machinery for tillage, plant protection and sowing. Whether you are a small firm or a larger, multi-purpose agricultural holding company, QUIVOGNE products will prove to be both efficient and cost-effective.

Our History

In 1946, the brothers Louis (1926-2013) and Gaston founded QUIVOGNE in Polaincourt, France, for the reparation of agricultural machinery. After 10 years QUIVOGNE started to manufacture their own machinery.

A second factory was opened in Jussey, France, in 1970. When QUIVOGNE UK was officially established in 1990 in Ipswich, Great Britain, this marked the starting point of the company’s international expansion.

In 2010 Quivogne CEE GmbH was set up in Vienna to tend to the Central and Eastern European markets.


At present the QUIVOGNE Group possesses around 61,000m2 of production space in the French communes of Polaincourt and Jussey, and employs over 200 people.

In addition, new operating capacities of around 5,000m2 are situated in Serbia.

What our customers say about us

With the disc harrow Fleaux - Fleaux this problem doesn’t turn up. The company QUIVOGNE also provides service and maintenance of the highest level!

Mykola Schulga, Ukraine

We want to express our thanks to the company QUIVOGNE for the high quality of agricultural technology and wish you every success in following inventions!

Furduy Ruslan, Moldova

The TurboCombinator is an ideal device for soil preparation for sowing of industrial and small-seeded crops to modern agronomic requirements.

Konovalоv Vladimir, Russia

With the help of the heavy disc harrow APFL FF-28 of QUIVOGNE we plan to manage our six-year plan by the upheaval of fallow land during this year.

Denisov Dmitry, Russia

The agricultural equipment QUIVOGNE gives us a chance to use natural and human resources economically and effectively, to increase the fertility of the soil and to obtain high yields.

Alexey Tschubarets, Russia
Anton und Andreas Holzmann, Sommerein, Austria

We are very pleased with our Prosem-K precision seeder!

Anton und Andreas Holzmann, Sommerein, Austria