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Original spare parts

Vladimir Konovalov
Technical Director of OOO “Vertunovskoe”
Penza area, Bekovskiy region, Russia

Our company bought the TurboCombinator 1000 of QUIVOGNE in spring 2013 for a tractor of 315 hp.
The main objective is to prepare the field for sowing of sugar beet. The sugar beet is the most important culture for us, because our company is a subsidiary of Bekovskiy sugar factory and failures are not allowed.
Proper seedbed preparation and flatness of the field play the main role for the harvest.
We were not wrong: the device QUIVOGNE has allowed us the sowing of sugar beet within seven days. We have prepared solely with the TurboCombinator 1000 QUIVOGNE more than 1,000 ha seedbed.
The TurboCombinator is an ideal device for soil preparation for sowing of industrial and small-seeded crops to modern agronomic requirements.